Discover what’s in season now, NY

“What’s in Season, New York” is a chart representing the months in which different fruits and vegetables are in season within a 200 mile radius of New York City. When in season, fruits and vegetables are freshest and taste their best.

Most of the food depicted on the chart can be found in grocery stores year round. This unnatural phenomenon is possible because people ship food from all around the world; often from thousands of miles away where those particular foods are currently in season.

The blue represents the dormant season in New York: opt for items from storage, such as apples, pears, and root vegetables during this time. The long, cold months of winter are a great opportunity to support local, artisanal food makers.

*This chart does not represent a complete listing of the foods available in New York and the surrounding states. Foodstalk has taken the liberty to list 48 of the most commonly found fruits and vegetables natively grown here.

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